Addressees: The Muslim nation of Iran

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The month of Muharram for the Shiah school of thought marks an occasion when victory has been gained through devotion and bloody sacrifices. In the early stages of the development of Islam, after the departure of the Seal of Prophets- the founder of justice and freedom- due to the diversionary measures of the Umayyad, Islam was going to be swallowed by the oppressors and justice trampled upon by the corrupt people, but the Lord of Martyrs launched the great movement ofAshoura and rescued Islam through his devotion and sacrificing his own blood and that of his dear ones, condemning the Umayyad system and shattering its pillars. In our time, through the diversionary measures of the Pahlavi dynasty, the large mouth of this dynasty and that of its associated clique and masters was going to swallow Islam and its interests and justice, independence and freedom were going to be destroyed under the booths of dictatorship, the veil of hypocrisy and deception.

The movement of the great nation of Iran, blossoming on Muharram 12, Khordad 15[ June 5, 1963 ], tore apart the veils of hypocrisy and demagoguery of the Shah, and the royal massacre and nation's devotion became a watershed in Iranian history. The key to the redemption of Islam and justice was found, the inception of national resistance was conceived and through the raising and illumination of the illuminators, grew and began to evolve; and during all this while, devotions continued against crimes, massacres, plunders, imprisonment, and banishment. On Muharram 29, 1398 AH[ December 30, 1977 ], when growth and evolution was maturing, the source of explosion appeared and the Shah and his mercenaries were caught surprise and attacked the people, killing and injuring them with full forces. During the past one year, their endless crimes have faced the great resistance of the nation and confrontations and crimes have been pitted against devotions. During this process, the resistance of the nation has been growing and the weapons of the enemies of humanity and nation have been losing

their power. The power of the nation at the end of 1398 and on the threshold of 1999 has so defeated the satanic army of the Shah, shaken the pillars of the dictatorship and repelled the great powers that has astonished and bewildered the thinkers and observers of the world.

Despite his Pharaonic majesty, the Shah had to bow and express his helplessness and repent before the nation, replacing his moderate men with harsh figures, but the nation, relying on their Islamic and national pride, neither accepted his repentance nor were they deceived by his flexibility, nor did they heed his harshness. On Tasoua andAshoura of 1399 AH[ December 1978 ], the nation through their unique referendum- which was unprecedented in the history according to the domestic and foreign observers- demonstrated their controlled power and once again announced the collapse and dismissal of Muhammad Rida Pahlavi. After the Shah realized that he must go, he brought his criminal hands out of his sleeves and began the frequent massacres of the Black Friday, exposing his nature for all the societies. Recently, his crimes went to the extreme in Mashhad and we had to announce the 30 th of December a day of public mourning to mark the anniversary of the merciless massacres in Qum, the fortieth day of the massacre in the holy shrine of Mashhad and also the seventh day of the massacre in holy Mashhad and other cities.

Unfortunately, our entire time was spent during this year for the commemoration and holding of national mourning, and if the Shah continues in his usurped position, the situation will remain as it is. I deem it necessary to mention a few points:

  1. Thanking the respected people of Khorasan, particularly the honorable `ulama', the clerics, the respected physicians, and other groups and strata, I announce my support for this dignified strike; I condemn the savage acts of the illegal military government and usurping martial law, and warn against the continuation of the dictatorship.

  2. I thank all the strikers across the country and announce my support for them; I particularly thank the striking oil workers. I condemn the acts of the usurping martial government and the military tribunals for exerting pressure on the strikers to end their strikes and hold them responsible for trying to waste the national wealth; I also warn them to stop such measures which are against the interests of the country.

  3. It is the duty of the honorable Iranian nation to support the striking oil workers and assist them in preparing their means of livelihood and housing. They should also arrange some relief funds in the cities and hand it to them

through their trustees. They should not allow their brothers, who have risen up and endure hardship to render service to Islam and the country.

  1. The honorable Iranian nation is duty-bound to provide accommodation and means of livelihood to the soldiers who have deserted the barracks, have not yielded to the usurping government and do not allow their brothers, who have given up assistance to the oppressor in order to assist Islam, to suffer.

  2. The Iranian nation must be informed that enough amounts of oil and gas for domestic consumption are available in the reservoirs, but the criminal government has created artificial famine in order to create terror and dissatisfaction. The staff of the oil company have extracted the required amount of oil for domestic consumption, but they[ the regime ]are using it for other purposes( for instance, exporting it to Israel, according to reports )to pressure the nation. The Shah and his usurping government are at war with the nation; this is why they commit such criminal acts. It is even said that they force the workers, who are working to prepare oil for domestic consumption, to go on strike to put the blame of the shortage on the nation.

  3. It is necessary for the honorable nation to continue its Islamic movement until the achievement of the goal and remain patient in this way where the pleasure of God lies, and do not spare any effort to assist their own brothers. They must seriously avoid hoarding, excessive prices and unfairness, for such acts will cause the wrath of the Almighty God, and they should do not listen to the satanic temptations the diabolic agents of the Shah disseminate in order to create disappointment and indolence in the nation. They should rely on God in this path which is the attainment of independence, freedom and establishment of the Islamic Republic. I beseech the Almighty God for the elimination of the foundations of oppression and establishment of the pillars of justice.

Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini